1. Data protection

We, Ad Up Technology AG, with our registered office in Barfußgäßchen 11, Leipzig, place great value on the protection of personal data and adhere closely to the strict guidelines of the current Federal Data Protection Law. Personal data is not sold in any situation or transferred to third parties for other reasons and is exclusively collected to the extent that is technically necessary, not to the extent that is technically possible. It is important to us that you are aware when we store your information and how we use it.

With this declaration we would like to give you an overview of which data is collected for what purpose and how we guarantee the protection of this data.

In addition we also ensure that no user profiles or user data is associated with personal data and that collected online data is not associated with offline address data.

When displaying advertising materials no personal data such as names, addresses or telephone numbers are generated or transferred. Only temporary anonymous user data (operating system, browser etc.) and any reaction to the advertising material (clicks) is collected.  You can therefore not be personally identified through this information. The aforementioned anonymous user data is used, in summarised form, for the precise target group orientated focus of the advert. This „Online Behavioural Advertising“ (OBA) ensures that the supplied advert corresponds to the interest of the users and is therefore of high relevance.

2. What are cookies used for?

Ad Up GmbH only uses cookies to ideally design the display of advertising material for the user. This ensures, for example, that the repeat frequence of advertising materials is reduced for the benefit of the user and thereby increases the quality of the advert.

Cookies are also used to create anonymous profiles. They are used for target group marking, where the supply of the advertising material is orientated to the behaviour shown (visited websites, clicks etc.).

Ad Up GmbH places the highest value on ensuring cookies are completely anonymous and contain no information which could be connected with one person. They are completely based on the specifications of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e. V. [Audit Buro of Circulations] (IVW).

Many internet browsers are set up as standard to accept cookies. The user can deactivate the saving of cookies or configure his/her browser so that cookies can be manually confirmed or rejected.

If you would like to receive more information about cookies, you can also find out more on the website www.meine-cookies.org.

3. Options for opting-out / opting-in

Ad Up GmbH gives each user the possibility of deciding for themselves about the use of cookies for the supply of specific advertising material. As a result every user has the chance to deactivate or where applicable to also activate the use of cookies.

Cookies are deactivated using the same method, by storing a so-called opt-out cookie with the user, which prevents the anonymous collection of information and the targeted display of advertising material. If all the cookies of the browser are deleted, the opt-out cookie must be renewed.

Ad Up GmbH currently uses two cookies to optimise the supply of advertising material. One is from our technology supplier ADITION, and the other from our OAB service provider nugg.ad

To deactivate the optimisation please click here:

•    Deactivate ADITION cookie

•    Deactivate nugg.ad cookie

4. Using the scalable central measurement method

Our marketed websites use the „Skalierbare Zentrale Messverfahren (SZM)“ [Scalable Central Measurement Method] of the company INFOnline (www.infonline.de) to calculate the statistic parameters for the use of our offers. This method collects anonymous measured values. The SZM reach measurement either uses a cookie with the identification „ivwbox.de“ or a signature, which is created from various automatically transferred information of your computer, to recognise computer systems.

IP addresses are not saved in the process and are only processed in anonymous form.

The reach measurement has been developed under the observance of data protection. The aim of the reach measurement is to determine the statistics regarding intensity of use and the number of users of a website. At no time are individual users identified. Their identity always remains protected. They receive no adverts via the system.

For web offers which are members of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e. V. [Audit Bureau of Circulations] (IVW – www.ivw.eu) or participate in the „internet facts“ study of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e.V. (AGOF – www.agof.de) [Working Group for Online Media Research], the statistics of use are published monthly by the AGOF, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V. [Working Group for Media Analysis] (ag.ma – www.agma-mmc.de) as well as the IVW and can be viewed under http://www.agof.de, http://www.agma-mmc.de and http://www.ivw.eu.

Alongside the publishing of measured data, the IVW checks the scalable central measurement method (SZM) process regularly to ensure that the usage conforms to regulations and data protection.

Further information about the SZM process can be found on the website of INFOnline GmbH (https://www.infonline.de), which runs the SZM process, the data protection website of AGOF (http://www.agof.de/datenschutz) and the data protection website of IVW (http://www.ivw.eu).

You can disagree with the processing of data by SZM via the following link: http://optout.ivwbox.de

5. Which data is collected for the newsletter?

For the users of our newsletter we merely store the name and e-mail address. The double opt-in or opt-out process respectively ensures that the holder of the e-mail address is also interested in the receipt of the newsletter or agrees to the deregistration. The consent to save the name and e-mail address of the user, and to use this information to send a newsletter can, of course, be rejected at any time.

6. Do I have a right to information, deletion etc.?

You have a legally-enshrined right to information, notification, deletion and the blocking of your data. On request we will provide you with information as quickly as possible about the data saved about you. We are also obliged to notify, block or delete the data saved about you on request.

7. How can you receive further information?

Each user has the right, at any time, to information about the data which is saved regarding his/her person, its origin and recipients as well as the purpose of the saving. If you would like information about the saved data, please notify us by e-mail at: info@unister-media.de.

 Leipzig, September 2012