transparent_myimmo_deReal estate property of every kind is on offer on Using the platform is free of charge both for those searching and for brokers: There are no listing or selling fees.

The website offers a variety of ad integrations such as standard and newsletter ads.

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    Expandable Wide Skyscraper (160x420x600px): 30€

    Layer (400x400px): 60€

    Tandem Ad: 70€

    Wallpaper (Super Banner+ Skyscraper): 40€

    Expandable Wallpaper: 60€

    Banderole Ad (770x250px): 60€

    Billboard Ad (min. 800x250px): 100€

    Fireplace (160×600- 728×90- 160x600px): 100€

    Monster Sky (300x600px): 30€

    Live Ticker (728px – complete width x 90px): 60€


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