is Germany’s price search engine for smart savers . The website is is among the widest-reaching price comparison portals in Germany.

The website offers users the possibility to learn and exchange information about prices and product performance. It provides fast, objective and clear guidance on the limitless range of online deals.  Travels, flights, insurances and even electricty or broadband and mobile phone rates can be compared online. By linking products directly through the online shop, one mouse click is enough to make a bargain.

The website offers a variety of ad integrations such as standard and newsletter ads. 

  • Super Banner (728x90px): 20€

    Expandable Super Banner (728×300/90px): 30€

    Wide Skyscraper (160x600px): 20€

    Expandable Wide Skyscraper (160x420x600px): 30€

    Layer (400x400px): 60€

    Tandem Ad: 70€

    Popup/ Pupunder: 40€

    Wallpaper (Super Banner+ Skyscraper): 40€

    Expandable Wallpaper: 60€

    Banderole Ad (770x250px): 60€

    Billboard Ad (min. 800x250px): 100€

    Fireplace (160×600- 728×90- 160x600px): 100€

    Monster Sky (300x600px): 30€

    Live Ticker (728px – complete width x 90px): 60€

    StandAlone Newsletter (maximal width: 600px): 35€

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