transparent_shopping_deWith, customers have the posibility to buy brand goods, quality products, coupons for webshops and all that with big discounts. The newsletter features the best offers, latest deals and discounts in various categories, such as home and garden, multimedia, fashion and accessories, or sport and leisure.

External vendors can use to sell their products and services or as a marketing platform.

The website offers a variety of ad integrations such as standard and newsletter ads.

  • Super Banner (728x90px): 20€

    Expandable Super Banner (728×300/90px): 30€

    Wide Skyscraper (160x600px): 20€

    Expandable Wide Skyscraper (160x420x600px): 30€

    Medium Rectangle (300x250px): 30€

    Expandable Medium Rectangle (300×250/400x400px): 45€

    Layer (400x400px): 60€

    Tandem Ad: 70€

    Popup/ Pupunder: 40€

    Wallpaper (Super Banner+ Skyscraper): 40€

    Expandable Wallpaper: 60€

    Banderole Ad (770x250px): 90€

    Billboard Ad (min. 800x250px): 100€

    Fireplace (160×600- 728×90- 160x600px): 100€

    Monster Sky (300x600px): 30€

    Live Ticker (728px – complete width x 90px): 60€

    StandAlone Newsletter (maximal width: 600px): 35€

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